After an episode of The Paul O'Grady Show (when it was on at teatime!) dedicated to burlesque and featuring a glimpse of the glorious Immodesty Blaize, a 15 year old Scarlet began to dream of a career as a showgirl. But it took five years to build up the confidence and have the initiative to use Google before she contacted burlesque artist Trixie Blue to enquire about lessons.

The first lesson was as enjoyable as she'd hoped and she quickly booked more with Trixie. After 5 weeks of private lessons, she went for coffee with her teacher where she was told that they should stop having lessons, as Trixie wanted her to sign a contract with the House of Trixie Blue agency. This was more than Scarlet had ever thought would happen; literally a dream come true.


Since then, and under the guidance of Trixie, Scarlet's love of burlesque has grown more than she ever could have anticipated. From performing to being in the audience, there isn't an aspect to this industry that she doesn't enjoy or want to explore further. So keep an eye out for future ventures and routines on the website and on the many social networking applications Scarlet uses, with varying degrees of success.

Below are some additional facts about Scarlet that didn't quite fit into the main body of text, but were considered useful to know:

  • She is Equity Registered with Public Liability Insurance.

  • Winner of the 'Best Concept' Category at The Teatime Tassel Off 2015.

  • Winner of the 'Best Newcomer' Category in the Teaser Awards 2014.

  • Has a First Class Honours Masters Degree in Marketing; the main thesis of which revolved around burlesque, so the nerdier the conversation, the better.

  • Fiendish caffeine addict, so please excuse the speed at which she often speaks.

  • Lover of bad puns and any innuendo it is possible to make.

  • Will coo at all your cat pictures.